This blog talks about various software engineering topics, mainly technical topics. The author, Sarmad Khalid Abdullah, is a software engineer with a B.Sc. degree in computer engineering and 16 years of professional experience. He had been involved in various fields within the software engineering industry including desktop application development, network programming, graphics and multimedia programming, games programming, utilities programming, as well as database and web development. You can visit the author’s online portfolio for more information.

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  1. I haven’t ran into browser compatibility problems yet (though I didn’t really test on older versions of explorer). This is mainly because the theme is simplistic. If you want to avoid compatibility issues I suggest you either try to use libraries that are known to work well on all browsers (jQuery, Bootstrap, etc), or follow my route which is to simplify your design as much as possible. The problem with the approach I’ve taken is that it’s not a responsive design, i.e. the site won’t re-align itself to fit smaller screens (smartphones, etc). If you want your site to work well on all browsers and to also be responsive then I suggest you look into Bootstrap and try to stick to their default behaviors as much as possible since that is what is tested well across all browsers.

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